Introducing the Exploring Physics interactive curriculum eUnits for iOS, PC, Mac and Android tablets. For any conceptual physics course in grades 8-11, early college, and for preservice or inservice teacher professional development.

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    Nine eUnits(TM) of physics content covering Motion, Forces, Newton’s Laws, Momentum, Energy and Electricity.

  • Helping Teachers

    The curriculum includes teacher notes for each activity, NGSS alignment, and a digital portal for electronic grading and record-keeping.

  • Engaging Students

    The curriculum app uses inquiry and modeling with experimental design activities, prompting concept building, creative thinking and problem solving.

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Learn about electricity and motion using a digital curriculum and a variety of hands-on kits and materials.

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Study electricity and motion using the digital curriculum and the materials kits sold by Exploring Physics.

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  • Speeding Up and Slowing Down Lab


    In this lab, students use motion detectors to connect the up and down motion of a cart on a ramp to the position vs time and velocity vs time graphs.  

  • Bubble Tube Lab

    In this lab, students will learn to: Apply the definition of position. Make qualitative observations about the motion of a bubble in the bubble tube and share observations with other groups in class. Discuss and evaluate alternate ideas for possible experiments. Design an experiment to study the motion of the bubble as it travels up […]

  • Discovering how a switch works: activity

    how a switch works - Exploring Physics

    Understand how switches work and why we use them is described in this science activity from Exploring Physics.