Sample eUnitWork with cool hands-on materials, take hold of your own learning – and do it in a digital environment. The Exploring Physics Curriculum App is an interactive inquiry- and modeling-based conceptual physics curriculum. It combines hands-on activities with a discussion-based pedagogy where students construct mental models of scientific concepts. Students enter their work into the app as text, drawings, tables, graphs – the app is a workbook, lab book, and textbook all in one! The content covers a full year’s conceptual physics curriculum for 8th grade through early college.

Try out the Free Sample for eUnit 3: Uniform Motion!

The Exploring Physics Curriculum App was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, NSF DUE 0928924.

The Exploring Physics Curriculum App is aligned to the NGSS high school physical science and Mathematics Common Core Standards, and to other state standards.

About the Exploring Physics Curriculum App (detailed information)

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