Epicon-300px Sample eUnit. Work with cool hands-on materials, take hold of your own learning – and do it in a digital environment. The Exploring Physics Curriculum App is an interactive inquiry- and modeling-based conceptual physics curriculum. It combines hands-on activities with a discussion-based pedagogy where students construct mental models of scientific concepts. The app is constructed so that students input their ideas into the app in text, drawings, and graphs – so the app works as a workbook, lab book and textbook all in one!

The content covers a full year’s conceptual physics curriculum for 9th grade through early college.

Try out the Free Sample Unit 3: Uniform Motion!

Exploring Physics was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation NSF DUE 0928924.
Exploring Physics is aligned to NGSS high school physical science, Math Common Core and other state standards.

Exploring the App: The curriculum app contains nine units of physics content covering Motion, Forces, Newton’s Laws, Momentum, Energy and Electricity. Engaging Students: The curriculum uses inquiry and modeling with experimental design activities, prompting concept building, creative thinking and problem solving. Helping Teachers: All activities include teacher notes, NGSS alignment, and a digital portal for electronic grading and record-keeping.
Each Unit includes:
• Hands-on student labs
• Inquiry-based experimental design activities
• Practices — problem-solving activities
• Student Reading Pages
• Student Summary Pages
• Teacher Resources
Teacher Information:
• Big Ideas
• Storyline
• Common Misconceptions
• Materials lists
• Next Generation Science Standards and Math Common Core Alignment
• Teacher Pages for each activity, including movies on setting up labs
System Requirements:
• iOS for iPad
• Windows 8 and 10
• Mac OSX
• Chromebook (Fall 2017)