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NGSS Performance Expectations and Exploring Physics

Exploring Physics has worked hard to align with NGSS – in terms of Disciplinary Core Ideas, Science and Engineering Practices and Cross Cutting Concepts. Here are excepts from the alignment study of Exploring Physics, conducted by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS), an independent study group. Next Generation Science Standards: Disciplinary Core Ideas The closest […]

Physics First for CWC and Special Education students

Freshman Physics is often considered “too hard” for students who are in class-within-a-class (CWC) or special education programs. Here are some strategies that help, put together by Missouri teachers in the A TIME for Physics First project: Keep the material engaging, with little or no down time, so kids stay focused. Hands-on activities greatly assist tactile and […]

Leveraging brief moments to collaborate

Christy Dablemont, a physics first teacher in the Hermitage R-4 district in Missouri found ways to use brief moments to collaborate with math teachers in her school. Here is an excerpt from her article in the December 2013 issue of the A TIME for Physics First Newsletter. “The greatest challenge I have faced in collaborating with math […]

Physics and Math go hand in hand

Although freshman physics focuses on concepts, it reinforces math content taught in 9th grade math classes. Thus student success in Freshman Physics or Physical Science requires coordination between science and mathematics teachers. However, the disciplines of math and science are often considered to be quite different in nature. Science is viewed as complex and “messy” as students […]