What level of physics do eUnits for the Exploring Physics Curriculum App cover?

  • eUnits for the Exploring Physics Curriculum App cover a yearlong course in conceptual physics.
  • These eUnits are suitable for middle school and high school students in grades 8-12, inservice teacher professional development, and science / physics courses for preservice teachers.

Do I have to purchase new subscriptions each year?

  • Yes. Subscriptions are set up for individual students and teachers. Text, graph and drawing entries made by a student will be stored on the server under their individual usernames. Similarly, student grades will be set up under each teacher’s username during a academic year. These usernames cannot be reused – new usernames must be set up for each student and teacher each year, so that they start with a “blank” eUnit.
  • What if a student leaves mid-year and a new student comes in? Can I transfer the subscription? We will work with schools on an individual basis to remove the username of a student who leaves and provide a new one without charge, if necessary.

What is the difference between a student and a teacher version of the app?

  • Student and teacher versions have slightly different content, and provide different administrative access.
  • The student version of the Exploring Physics Curriculum App provides access to all the physics content pages.
  • The teacher version of the Exploring Physics Curriculum App includes all pages present in the student version, plus extensive teacher notes and instructions for each activity, NGSS alignment, learning objectives, and common student misconceptions. The teacher version also provides access to the grading portal, which allows the teacher to grade student submissions online, and return graded submissions to the student.
  • When a school’s user accounts are set up, students are grouped by class, where a class consists of a specific teacher and his/her students; thus, when students submit an assignment from the app, it is sent electronically to that specific teacher. If a school has a large number of classes, one teacher is designated as the administrator; this teacher can transfer students from one class to another, if necessary.

How much do eUnits for the Exploring Physics Curriculum App cost?

  • eUnits for the Exploring Physics Curriculum app are sold on a subscription basis. Each user (teacher or student) needs to purchase a subscription, which will give the user access to the eUnits for one year.
  • Prices for individual units and bundles are available.

How do I purchase and install eUnits for the Exploring Physics Curriculum App?

  • Here’s how you access the Exploring Physics Curriculum App.
    • Purchase subscription(s) to the eUnits of your choice (one license per user).
    • After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email to help you set up a username and password for each license purchased. Account activation typically takes 1-2 business days.
    • Download the free Exploring Physics App. This app is a shell (like the Kindle app), and is free. The app is available for iPad, PC and Mac platforms. The Chromebook platform will be released in 2017. Click here to download the app for your Mac, PC, or iPad.
    • After receiving your credentials, log into the downloaded app and add the eUnits. Your access will last one calendar year.
  • School districts may purchase subscriptions with a purchase order. Both teacher and student versions are available. A spreadsheet will be sent to the school by email in order to set up user accounts. On this spreadsheet you will need to provide each user’s name, email address, and preferred password, and designate student or teacher access for each user.  Account activation typically takes 1-2 business days.